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Public forums and listening sessions are a valuable resource in upholding open lines of communication with the public. Citizen participation in community projects can help identify and solve problems. This section explains how community leaders can implement public forums and listening sessions into community building and use the results to shape their projects.


In the “public forum” or public problem-identification and problem-solving session, citizens discuss important issues. In this well-publicized meeting, the facilitators and guests lead a discussion of various aspects of the issue like the community’s strengths and potential problems. The discussion of their ideas about the dimensions of the issue–and what can be done to solve problems and preserve strengths–is broadcasted FB LIVE.

Public forums:

  • Give people of diverse backgrounds a chance to express their views
  • Are a first step toward understanding the community’s needs and resources


  • They can offer your group valuable insights into the community
  • They can provide a database for guiding and explaining actions
  • They can help link your group with people who are able and willing to help
  • They can provide the group with feedback

Public forums, also referred to as town meetings, are open to everyone in the community. These public meetings offer people from diverse backgrounds a chance to express their views about key issues of concern to you and what can be done about them.


CITYSPEAK is powered by CITYHOOD and is in partnership with Central Free Methodist Church in hosting discussions on topics in the community.  We are looking for partners to host more Cityspeak events.


Join our conversation as we unpack topics every first Thursday of the month from 7-9 pm at 124 N. Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI.  Look for more events coming to your neighborhood.  Community leaders and guests will be facilitating topics of interest to the community.If you have a topic you would like to unpack with the community, contact us.  We always are open to ideas. If you would  like to facilitate at a CITYSPEAK event, send us your info.  If you would like to have a CITYSPEAK event at your location, we are taking requests.  Bringing the community together to unpack the topics that matter to them in a brave space.

Join our conversation.  Join our space.  CitySPEAK creates a brave space for community to share.